Daily Archives: January 8, 2009

Obama’s Got a New Caddy, Backed by a Mini Gun Equipped GMC Yukon

Cadillac One - Obama's New Limo
You might have heard about the new presidential whip that Cadillac is making for Obama. It’s basically a stretched Cadillac DTS adorned with a variety of Caddy parts; Escalade headlights in the front and STS tails to bring up the rear. Ultra thick doors constructed from steel plating is estimated to be up to 8″ thick. It’s basically a tank with windows…windows made of 5″+ thick bullet proof glass. It’s been speculated that the chassis isn’t even taken from a Cadillac, but rather a medium duty truck. Bystanders have commented on the engine note, saying that it sounds like there’s a diesel under the hood. Sporting the latest technologies and the most comfortable interior ever offered to the POTUS, the Cadillac One promises to be a big step forward for the safety and comfort of our President.

If that isn’t enough to protect our future presidents, here’s a video of his backup crew in action… I pitty the fool who messes with Obama!