Twin Turbo M5 Engine Dropped into an E30 M3

Twin-Turbo BMW M5 Engine in a BMW E30 M3

This build has been going on for over a year, but it’s no easy task to make a monster like this.  The mad scientist behind this Frankenstein has dropped an S62 engine from the E39 M5 and then slapped a twin-turbo kit on it.  To provide some insight as to what exactly this all means, here’s a little background information on the two cars.

In stock form, the S62 M5 engine produces nearly 400 horsepower and 369 ft-lbs of torque.  This is a lot of horses, even when placed in a 4-door saloon car that tipped the scales at 3,800 pounds.  0-60 could be achieved in just 4.9 seconds.  If you took off the speed limiter, you could reach a top speed of 187mph.

Now the E30 M3 only weighed 2,844 lbs.  With its 192hp Inline-4, you could run it up to 60mph in around 6.5 seconds. Back when the E30 was produced, that was very fast for a car.  Backed by big names like Prodrive and AC Schnitzer, the E30 M3 was a very successful race car, competing in anything from road races to rally competitions. 

With that background, you can understand that putting an M5 engine into the lighter weight M3 should deliver ridiculous levels of acceleration.  But putting a twin-turbo kit onto the 4.9-liter V8 behemoth will surely reach levels of insanity that are only known by those in an asylum.  The car isn’t finished yet, but you can follow the build here.

Source: via Kultivate

6 responses to “Twin Turbo M5 Engine Dropped into an E30 M3

  1. hey bro where do u get s62 ?
    how much its cost?

  2. I’m not sure where the guy got the engine, but probably a salvage yard or directly from BMW. In the post you’ll find a link to the forum thread, it’s pretty long, but you might find your answer in there.


  3. I want one, this is over the top nice. Good luck with its completion, ive done enough cars to know this small stuff is what gets you, hang in there i want to see it complete.
    Simply awesome

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  5. it will be the best ever and you know what,why we walk if we can fly ..
    Good luck and all the best

  6. did the same project on my yellow e30 m3 last year,car is sold shipped to one of the royal family in Saudi Arabia,working now on dropping 2009 /750 on my current black e30 m3 and am almost done.
    will share you my learing and recomendation,if you interesting in selling the car in the future please let me know coz i know who can pay a lot of money just to get it . Drive save man.
    never post any photos for my previous and current crazy expensive e30 m3 projects but i will do soon so i can show people what they never see before.
    Again drive save man and all the best.


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