Corvette ZR1 Knocked Four Seconds Off its Lap Time Around the Ring!


We all know that the Corvette ZR1 is a beast, and today it has proved itself yet again.  Jan Magnussen was at the wheel in the ZR1 this time and 73 turns later he was able to knock 4 seconds off the ZR1’s previous time of 7:26.4.   

The new time of 7:22.4 seconds is fast.  Really really fast, but it’s still .3 seconds behind Dodge’s best run in their Viper ACR.  To be honest, these times should all be considered unofficial until the top manufacturers get together at the ‘Ring on the same day and run their cars at the same time in similar weather conditions.  Then we’ll really have something to compare the cars against and nobody can call foul on using modified cars and upgraded tires.  Porsche, I’m looking in your direction.

Stay tuned, I’m sure GM will be releasing the video soon!

Source: AutoBlog


One response to “Corvette ZR1 Knocked Four Seconds Off its Lap Time Around the Ring!

  1. I doubt the ZR1 did that stock…
    The ACR needed aero tuning, lighter seats, race tires and modded suspension to achieve that.
    Plus this ZR1 time is still no confirmed so it’s BS.

    I don’t even consider the Viper to have did that time since it wans’t even close to stock… The Maserati in 3rd would have been 1st if it had all those mods…

    The new GT-R V-Spec will beat the ZR1 easily and will cost no more than $2,500 more than ZR1 but probably less than ZR1… my guess is it will start at $99,500 in 2010 just to piss off Chevy lol.

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