Ford Model A Camper?

I’ve always wanted to live on the beach in style and I think this Model A might just do the trick.  Born in 1928, this car has been through some good times.  The current bid is at $4,200 and here is a short list of what you get for all that cash:

  • A Working and Drivable Ford Model A with a 4-cylinder Model “B” engine
  • All wood body that was custom built in the ’40s
  • An antique lantern
  • A new lantern that’s been weathered to make it look old
  • A hat rack, a hachet, and a banjo
  • A stuffed chicken that resides in a wooden crate
  • All the stuff bolted and glued to the outside: the marlon, pitch fork, shovel, signs, surf board, etc.
  • A hide away clothes line, including a bikini and board shorts!
  • Lots more!

For the full list of features, check out the auction page over at eBay: Ford Model B Auction Listing


2 responses to “Ford Model A Camper?

  1. would you ever sell that?

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