HKS Releasing Nissan GTR HK570 Tuning Package

There are only a handful of tuners working on the GTR, but now there is another.  HKS is a BIG name in import-car tuning and they’ve stepped up to the plate with the GTR.  Later this year, Japanese GT-R owners will be able to upgrade their ride with new wastegate actuators, an electronic boost controller, race pipes that get rid of those stock catalytic converters, and an intercooler rework that includes all-aluminum piping and silicon hose couplers.  All these tweaks should bump up the engine output to 562 horsepower and 540 ft-lbs of torque.  These measurements are taken at the wheels, so this is quite an increase in power!  Keep in mind this is utilizing the stock turbos, so there is a lot more to be extracted from Godzilla.  Bigger turbos with a front mounted intercooler, an air intake system, and some weight reduction kits could make this already fast car move like greased lightning!

Source: 2009GTR


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