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Ford Model A Camper?

I’ve always wanted to live on the beach in style and I think this Model A might just do the trick.  Born in 1928, this car has been through some good times.  The current bid is at $4,200 and here is a short list of what you get for all that cash:

  • A Working and Drivable Ford Model A with a 4-cylinder Model “B” engine
  • All wood body that was custom built in the ’40s
  • An antique lantern
  • A new lantern that’s been weathered to make it look old
  • A hat rack, a hachet, and a banjo
  • A stuffed chicken that resides in a wooden crate
  • All the stuff bolted and glued to the outside: the marlon, pitch fork, shovel, signs, surf board, etc.
  • A hide away clothes line, including a bikini and board shorts!
  • Lots more!

For the full list of features, check out the auction page over at eBay: Ford Model B Auction Listing

AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: New Gas Saving Chips!

After a couple of late nights and countless pots of coffee, we’ve secured four new gas saving chips and power programmers that’ll plaster a smile on your face like a bug hitting a windshield.

First up is the SuperChips Mileage XS Fuel Economy Programmer: This bad boy tunes your vehicle for optimum fuel economy while giving you a modest boost in power.  It’ll even tune certain vehicles to run on lower-octane fuels to save you extra money at the pumps.  Extra features include speedometer calibration for larger tires, it clears engine codes and it can be upgraded to a Superchips Flashpaq by updating the firmware.  Superchips Mileage XS Programmers are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Then we got the Bully Dog E3 Diesel Downloader and the Bully Dog E3 Gas Downloader: These guys offer 1 engine tune to simplify user experience and improve fuel economy.  Modest power gains of 50hp and 100 ft-lbs of torque can be expected, along with up to 5 more miles per gallon!  These Bully Dog tuners will also clear trouble codes, perform DPF Burn-off/ Mobile Desoot (GM Duramax LMM and Dodge 6.7L Cummins only) and recalibrate speedometers for larger tires, while on-the-fly tuning gives you the freedom to toggle between stock and tuned settings.  Bully Dog E3 Downloaders are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Last up is the Jet V-Force Plus Power Control Module: This is one gnarly hand held tuner.  You can improve horsepower, torque, throttle response and fuel economy with just the touch of a button.  Once you’ve gotten your ride setup, there are 14 different monitoring screens so you can keep your eyes on anything from fuel economy to the manifold pressure to the air/fuel ratio (O2 sensor sold seperately).  The Jet V-Force Plus PCM is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Cerberus Capital Managment to Take Over Chrysler

You might have heard that Cerberus bought 80.1% of DaimlerChrysler last year.  Well Daimler wants to get out of the bed it’s been sharing with Chrysler and is currently willing to sell it’s remaining 19.9% ownership in DaimlerChrysler to Cerberus.

If the companies can come to terms quickly enough, the sale could take place in a matter of a few weeks.  The result would be 100% ownership of Chrysler by Cerberus.  Although the ties would be broken between the American Chrysler and the German Daimler, it might be what Chrysler needs to re-group and re-organize the company in these tough times for auto manufacturers.  Good luck Chrysler!

Source: MotorAuthority

AutoAnything did some Homework: Toyota Prius vs. VW Jetta TDI

Popular Mechanics had a post on their site comparing Toyota’s Prius to the new diesel-powered Volkswagen Jetta and they got some interesting results. 

The Prius dominated in city driving with 44.7 miles per gallon compared to the Jetta’s 32 MPG.  This is likely due to the Prius’s hybrid powertrain system: when you stop at a light or stop sign in the Prius, the engine shuts off, so you don’t burn ANY fuel.  Interesting to note is that their Prius got 3 MPG less than it’s EPA rating while the Jetta for 4 MPG more than it’s EPA rating.

Although the Prius wins in city driving, the Jetta wins for highway cruising.  At a constant 65 mph, their Prius got 44.8 MPG while their Jetta TDI got 45.4 MPG.  Although not a huge difference, its cool to see that diesels are still a great option for excellent fuel economy.  The Popular Mechanic’s article said that the TDI gets a $1,300 tax credit for using “Lean Burn Technology” and the Prius’s tax credit is no longer available, making the Jetta $1,320 cheaper than the Prius.

Moral of the story: If you do a lot of city driving, get a Prius.  If you’re mostly on the highway, want to save some bucks and like the smell of a new Volkswagen, check out the 2009 Jetta TDI.


Read the Full Review Here: Prius vs Jetta TDI

Amuse GT-R Nets Over 600 Horsepower!

Amuse is a Japanese tuning company that has a long relationship with Nissan’s R-Series. They eeked every horsepower they could from the old RB26DETT engine, harnessing over 1,000 horsepower on the brawniest of Skylines. But with the recent release of the GT-R, most aftermarket tuners are turning their eyes away from the old R32/33/34 to focus on the fresh meat.

Amuse is one of the first tuners in the world to be able to successfully play with the GT-R’s ECU and win… and win they did.  So what exactly did they do to get 602hp at 6,500rpm and 571lb-ft of torque at 5,300rpm from the already highly-tuned GT-R? 

Well for starters, they up’d the boost.  A lot.  They also added a full titanium exhaust, electronic boost controller, and they removed that pesky 112mph speed limiter.  But the real trick was making the ECU work correctly with all these changes… GT-R ECU’s haven’t liked it when tuners did so much as change the wheels and tires, so you can understand that this alone was a monsterous feat. 

To make it lighter on it’s feet, the titanium exhaust and all new Recaro carbon-Kevlar racing seats dropped 100 pounds off the curb weight.  Add in a removable MOMO steering wheel and you’ve got the meanest GT-R in the world (so far). 

Dubbed the Power House Amuse Phantom GT-R, you’ll be able to buy these auto parts from Amuse sometime in 2009.  Until then, your stock 480+ horsepower GT-R will have to suffice.

Source: Autoweek

AutoAnything presents the William Tell Overture at 55mph…

Unfortunately ill received by the residents in Lancaster California, Honda made etchings in the road so that when a car drives over the 1/4 mile stretch of asphault at 55mph, the Lone Ranger theme song is hummed by your tires.

While I think its a pretty cool idea, the locals did not. Some found it annoying while it kept others up at night. Local officals agreed, the road needed to be re-paved. Good thing we have YouTube, for it gives us the ability to preserve and share this awesome marketing gimmick. Enjoy :) Reviews the Corvette ZR1 gives a good, indepth review of the new ZR1. Check this out if you want to get a closer look at one of the fastest production cars ever made.

AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: Automotive Gauges Galore!

Another weekend has come and gone.  We here at AutoAnything hope your weekend was spent well out on the beaches, the mountains, rivers, lakes, or the even the race track.  While you were out having fun in the sun, we were burning the midnight oil revamping our Automotive Gauges department.  We are now proud to say that whatever your need is, we’ve got the right gauges for you!

In the automotive industry, Autometer makes some of the best gauges around.  Whether you need to replace a worn out speedometer, or if you just boosted your ride and need a slew of gauges to monitor your setup and match your style, Autometer makes the gauges you need: boost, vacuum, blower, oil temp, water temp, oil pressure,  air/fuel, EGT, differential temp, cylinder head temp, nitrous pressure, fuel pressure…heck, we’ve even got a clock that looks like a gauge!  They come in all different sizes and colors, so pop over to the website and take a look around if you’ve been searching for the perfect gauge setup.

We also picked up a bunch of new gauge faces for your factory gauge cluster.  These Nu Image gauge faces are overlays for your factory installed speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temp gauges.  They come in different colors and styles, we’ve even got some wild flame designs.  Go check’em out if you want to give your interior a little love!  Nu Image’s website has all of their styles, so if you see something you want that isn’t on, give us a call and we’ll be happy to special order it for you.

Top Gear Magazine Reviews the Corvette ZR1

Although their review is expectedly a far cry from what Jeremy Clarkson will have to say, the review is quite favorable.  You would think it would have to be since it holds the record for the fastest production car to go round the Nurburgring.  They found it to be compliant and supple on regular roads, but when you floor it you have limitless power.  To put it briefly, they said to “make no mistake. What we have here is one of the truly great supercars.”

I have a feeling that in Clarkson’s review, he will talk about how cheap the interor is and how flimsy the body panels are, but then he’ll throw it around the track and fall in love with it.  Time will tell, the new season of Top Gear should be starting in a few months.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you in the loop!


The ZR1 Hits the Autobahn!

Chevy’s new ZR1 blitz’s down the Autobahn!

Hate Pothole’s Much? AutoAnything Does.

Pothole’s are terrible.  Luckily I’ve never damaged a rim by hitting a pothole, but I have popped a brand new tire.  These people weren’t as lucky as me, but you can enjoy the video and custom soundtrack!


AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection Kit

There’s no rest for the weary, which is why we’ve been working overtime to get you the gear you want for your ride! Take a look at the new water/methanol injection kit we just picked up from Snow Performance.

What it does: Water/Methanol injection can only be used on cars that utilize forced induction (turbochargers & superchargers) to make a majority of the engines horsepower and torque. By injecting a 50-50 mixture of water and methanol into the fuel mixture, you can decrease your EGT’s by 250 degrees and cool your intake charge by as much as 200 degrees. By cooling the intake charge, you are reducing the chances of detonation and engine knock at that given boost level, which in turn means you can safely run more boost and thus get more power!

Methanol injection kits are becoming a hot topic in tuner communities because it is a great way to make your car faster, but it is also fairly safe for your engine…much safer than running nitrous oxide or propane injection. Plus, it’ll help boost your fuel economy up to 10%. There are three different power stages you can choose from; stage 1 is for turbocharged/supercharged cars that are mostly stock, stage 2 is for tuned vehicles with performance modifications, and stage 3 is for towing and ultra high performance. Each water/meth kit is designed for a specific vehicle and it can work in both gas and diesel environments.

Video: Water Methanol Injection Kit

Here’s a quick video explaining some of the benefits to running water/methanol injection on a turbo charged car.  Check it out and get schooled on how to get more power from your whip!

GM Goofs Up, Leaks Photos of the 2011 Chevy Volt!

The Volt has been a hot topic in the car industry. It’s a gas-electric-hybrid, 4-door economy car that is expected to get over 50 MPG and cost is near the $30,000 mark.  A full charge of the battery system should take about 10 hours from a standard US 120 volt wall outlet, but take all this with a grain of salt because no official numbers or specifications have been released.

What is official are the photos in the gallery below…although the photos were accidently released due to “human error”.  Enjoy!


AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: Save with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst

We know that you’re feeling the pinch from fuel prices.  Even if you drive a hybrid, there’s no escaping the high cost of fuel… that is, unless you are driving a 376 mile per gallon Opel.  So we here at AutoAnything have been working on finding some fuel saving products that really work.  You might have heard or even had experience with fuel additives before, and the truth is, 99% of them don’t do squat.  That’s why we searched for gas saving products that will deliver results and save you money.  While there isn’t a single product out there that is the magic solution to your fuel comsumption problems, there are lots of products that will incrementally improve your fuel economy, especially when used together.  Interestingly enough, most of the products are “performance” related; high flow air filters, cold air intakes, exhaust systems, gas saving chips, and truck bed tonneau covers can improve fuel economy by as little as 1/2 mile per gallon, up to 2-1/2 MPG, depending on your vehicle and driving style.  The problem is that most of these items can be expensive… enter the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a bolt-on solution to improving the the fuel you run in your vehicle.  It is NOT an additive: it uses a proprietary metal-alloy that the fuel runs through which improves the octane level, and thus combustability, of standard fuels.  That means you can enjoy more power from your engine when you want it and reap in the fuel savings on highway cruises. And because the fuel burns more efficiently, there is a nice reduction in the amount of emissions and greenhouse gasses produced by your car, truck, or SUV.

On average, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves fuel economy by 1-2.5 miles per gallon.  That’s serious savings!  In a vehicle that gets 20 miles per gallon and has a 20 gallon tank, you get an extra 20-45 miles on one tank.  At $4.00/gallon, thats between $4 and $10 of fuel savings on just one tank.  What’s more, cars that require premium fuels can actually run regular unleaded if they have the Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed, which translates into even more savings at the pump.  So if you need to reduce your monthly fuel cost, go check out the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, it’s a great product that will save you money!


What Car will Give You the Best MPG’s?

Check out this video.  It will give you comparisions of the real world fuel consumption of todays most fuel efficient vehicles: the Toyota Prius, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the Ford Focus, and the Smart FourTwo.

Want to improve the fuel economy of your current vehicle, take a look at a few gas saving products like performance chips, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, performance car air filters,

HKS Releasing Nissan GTR HK570 Tuning Package

There are only a handful of tuners working on the GTR, but now there is another.  HKS is a BIG name in import-car tuning and they’ve stepped up to the plate with the GTR.  Later this year, Japanese GT-R owners will be able to upgrade their ride with new wastegate actuators, an electronic boost controller, race pipes that get rid of those stock catalytic converters, and an intercooler rework that includes all-aluminum piping and silicon hose couplers.  All these tweaks should bump up the engine output to 562 horsepower and 540 ft-lbs of torque.  These measurements are taken at the wheels, so this is quite an increase in power!  Keep in mind this is utilizing the stock turbos, so there is a lot more to be extracted from Godzilla.  Bigger turbos with a front mounted intercooler, an air intake system, and some weight reduction kits could make this already fast car move like greased lightning!

Source: 2009GTR

Video: Dodge Viper ACR vs. Corvette ZR1 on the Nurburgring

Much like the GTR vs. ZR1 video, this split-screen compares the two fastest production cars to ever run the Nurburgring. Listen to the sounds of these two super cars FLY down the straights and hear their air intakes gulp in huge quantites of air as they tear through the corners.