Man Pays for 1/2 of an ’08 Silverado with Silver

James Jones, an Ohio man, walked into Jake Sweeney Chevrolet the other day with 16 coffee cans full of nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and silver dollars.  He wanted to use all that coin as a down payment on his new Chevy Silverado.  With the way truck sales have been lately, do you think any dealership is going to turn away a sale on a new truck?  Heck no!  It took a few of the salesmen an hour and a half to count it all, which amounted to $8,000.  Jones then wrote a check for the other $8,000 so he could own the truck outright.

Although Jones does obviously have some of his money in a bank, he says that he does trust banks and that ““paper money will burn, but it is hard to damage coins. I bought four or five rolls of coins each month. I don’t know how long it took me to save this amount, probably all my life, spending some of it now in then.”

Jones needed a new truck after his 1981 Chevy Pickup’s emergency brake failed, causing him near fatal injuries as the truck rolled over him crushing his liver, kidneys, and a few ribs.  Although he spent many months in the hospital recovering, he still wants to fix up his old truck and keep it around for a few more years…a prime example of how much a man can love his truck.



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