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Unofficial: Dodge Viper ACR is the new King of the Nurburgring

The Dodge Viper ACR has gotten a lot of press from car magazines and blogs lately, and for good reason.  The Viper ACR is a wolf in sheeps clothing, a street-legal racecar that was built for pure speed.  It looks like all of Dodge’s hard work has paid off because it ran around the Ring in 7.22:1!  Motor Trend has a video to prove the run, however, the time is still considered “unofficial” because it was only timed by the manufacturer and not any of the lap officials.  Enjoy the video!

AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: Dash Kits Galore!

I know what you’re thinking…we’ve already done a product review this week!  While that is true, we missed last weeks so we’re doubling up on the reviews for this week.  I promise next week will be back to normal. 

So we’ve been expanding out our line of B&I dash kits.  We’ve now got a great selection of carbon fiber, specialty finishes, and wood dash kits!  We know the old motto, “different strokes for different folks”, so we’ve picked up a ton of different colors and finishes for you to choose from.  So whether you want a blacked-out carbon fiber look, raw brushed aluminum, Rosewood or a rich Mahogony finish, we’ve got what you need to roll with style.   And trust me, these dash kits don’t look cheap, they have excellent fit & finish and really look AWESOME when they’re installed!  So if you feel like pimping out your interior, make sure to stop by our site and browse through our Dash Kit department. 

That’s all I got for you this week, stay tuned and keep checking back for more auto news and updates, brought to you by the good people at AutoAnything!

Great quotes from Jeremy Clarkson

I found a list of Jeremy Clarkson quotes the other day and they gave me a good laugh, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you all. After all, we could all use a little more humor in our lives!

About the Maserati Quattroporte

“In a list of the five most rubbish things in the world, I’d have America’s foreign policy at five. Aids at four. Iran’s nuclear programme at three. Gordon Brown at two and Maserati’s gearbox at number one. It is that bad.”

About the Perodua Kelisa 1.0 GXi

“This is without doubt the worst car, not just in its category but in the world. It has a top speed of 88mph but takes so long to reach it that no one has ever lived long enough to verify the claim, the inside is tackier than Anthea Turner’s wedding and you don’t want to think what would happen if it bumped into a lamppost.

“Also its name sounds like a disease.”

About the BMW 645Ci

“If you were to buy a 6-series, I recommend you select reverse when leaving friends’ houses so they don’t see its backside.”

About the Aston Martin Vanquish S

“This is the last of the old-school Astons. It was built in the Newport Pagnell factory by men with body odour and hammers, rather than on the computer- controlled production line of the new Gaydon plant. And it shows. The car costs more than any other Aston yet is no quicker; its paddle shift gearbox is hilariously bad and its interior looks glued together from the Ford parts bin. It is the equivalent of opting for a rusty saw and leeches in the age of laser-guided brain surgery. Who is Aston kidding?”

About the Land Rover Defender 90 Td5 Station Wagon

“Often fourth isn’t enough to get you up a hill, so you drop down to third and it feels as though you’ve been hit in the back with a wrecking ball. All of a sudden you’re doing 35mph but your eight-ton suit of armour, making a noise that sounds like the birth of the universe, has come to an almost dead stop.

“What’s more, there still isn’t enough room behind the wheel for anyone with shoulders or legs, there are still sharp edges, it’s as bouncy as a small dog at suppertime, and as a result it’s about as much fun to drive as a punctured wheelbarrow. And it’s not like the misery is short-lived, because each trip to the shops can, and does, take two or three weeks.”

Check out even more Clarkson quotes at

AutoAnything presents the Fast and the Furious 4 Movie Trailer

I’m only a fan of the first one and that’s mostly because Vin Diesel starred in it. Well, he’s back in the fourth installment of this rice-powered Hollywood production. I think the trailer looks pretty good, but so did the trailers for the other F&F sequels. I guess we’ll have to wait until next summer to see if this movie walks the walk as good as it hypes it’s talk….

Ford GT + Twin Turbo’s = One Fast Ride!!

This is an older (and shorter) video that Joe and his buddies put together about their Ford GT project.  It’s got a twin-turbo kit that has the GT outputting just over 1,000HP.  There’s even longer and more indepth videos and, but this one is sweet with lots of action shots.  Again, its important to remember that street racing is bad, mmmkay.

News + Weekly Product Review: aFe Air Filters

I know, I know, we missed last weeks product review, but things have been moving and shaking here so I’ll give you the scoop on what we’ve been up to: we now have a Truck Racks and Van Racks department!  In this new area of our site, you’ll find all the gear you need to add more hauling capacity to your truck or van.  We’ve got new ladder racks in stock that are easy to install and can help secure your work gear in style.  You can also check out the new hauler racks, which gives you extra overhead storage for bulky items that can weigh up to 1,200 pounds!  And to save that back window from getting smashed by shifting equipment, we beefed up our selection of headache racks to give your truck the protection it deserves.

For the weekly product review, I wanted to let ya’ll know about the new high flow aFe filters we just got in stock.  It’s called the aFe Pro-Dry S air filter; it’s washable, reusable, and oil free.  That is a trifecta of benefits as you’ll never have to buy another air filter again and you don’t have to get your hands oily when recharging the filter.  aFe Pro Dry air filters have a 99.2% filtration effieciency, so you know it’s doing its job to protect your engine.  Backed by a lifetime warranty, this air filter will be the last one you ever buy for your vehicle.

The Most Fun You Can Have for Under $25K – AutoAnything

Here’s is Car & Driver’s opinion on the best whips available for under $25,000. I’ll take the M3, what would you choose?

The Nissan GT-R: Definitely a Ringer – AutoAnything

The GT-R is the car that Nissan under-promised and over-delivered. Not only does it rocket from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, running the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds, but it can lap the ring in 7:29. Many believe that Nissan has been sandbagging…480HP just isn’t enough to move a car that weights 3,800 pounds. Car & Driver recently put 5 different GT-R’s on the dyno and found out that they actually make around 520 horsepower, which is about 40 more than the sticker says! Not only do they make more power, but Car & Driver was able to get from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds with a quarter-mile time of 11.5 seconds! What else has Nissan not told us about the GTR?

Source: Car & Driver

How Long Does it Take Subaru Mechanics to build their WRC Car?

Apparently it takes about 800 hours to transform a stock Subaru WRX STi into the neck snapping, gravel spewing rally car.  Check out this 3 minute long time-elapsed video, it’s amazing to see everything they do.

Concept: MCE MC1 Super Car

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a concept super car that really wow’d me, but I recently stumbled across this little gem that was created in a joint venture between MotorCity and C2P Automotive.  It’s powered by a 600HP V10 sitting in an all-carbon fiber monocoque chassis.  With 20″ wheels up front and 21″ wheels in the back, this ride has got the rubber to put all that power down in style.  Physically, it’s a little shorter and narrower than a Murcielago LP640, but 15 mm higher.

While this car is still only a concept, both companies are seeking more funding to put it into production.  I sure hope they find it, because this car is gorgeous!


Keep the paint on your car looking as nice as the MCE MC1’s with a high quality Meguiars Detailing Kit.

Flatmobile Jet Engine Test

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’d know that we are big fans of Perry’s Flatmobile (and for that matter, just about any project that gives a craftsman some creative freedom).  Here’s a follow up video that shows just how real that home made jet engine is…

AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: Yakima Ski Racks!

Although we haven’t even gotten past Labor Day yet, we here at AutoAnything are bringing in the gear that you’re gonna want when winter rolls through. Thats why we have just picked up 4 new Yakima ski racks that will get you and your gear where you need to go in style! The new models are the FatCat, the FreshSesh, the Big PowerHound, and the HitchSki.

The can all carry 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, they all have big lock/release buttons so you don’t have to take your gloves off, and the roof mounted racks all have integrated binding lifts so you don’t scratch your roof up. So what’s the difference you ask? Here’s a quick break down:

The Yakima FreshSesh ski rack is Yakima’s traditional style ski rack. It’s easy to use, carries lots of equipment, and even comes with two ultra-cool decals to give you some added style on your way to the mountain.

The Big Powderhound is Yakima’s standard rack, but blown up by 10-15% to accommodate equipment that’s a little larger than normal.

The Yakima FatCat 6 is extra wide so you can carry all your powder-day equipment with ease. It also has a sleek, lower profile design than most other ski and snowboard racks, so it should help conserve those MPG’s. This rack got the “Gear of the Year” award from Men’s Journal magazine, so you know its high quality!

The HitchSki doesn’t mount on the roof, but instead to a trailer hitch giving you easy ground-level access to your gear. And since it mounts behind your vehicle, you won’t lose any precious MPG’s since you don’t gain any extra aerodynamic drag.

Here’s a few photos to help you choose what’s right for you.

Corvette ZR1 Does a Nasty Burnout

AutoBlog recently caught the new ZR1 doing a sick burnout.  Check out the 638hp RWD madness that is the new Corvette ZR1.


Man Pays for 1/2 of an ’08 Silverado with Silver

James Jones, an Ohio man, walked into Jake Sweeney Chevrolet the other day with 16 coffee cans full of nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and silver dollars.  He wanted to use all that coin as a down payment on his new Chevy Silverado.  With the way truck sales have been lately, do you think any dealership is going to turn away a sale on a new truck?  Heck no!  It took a few of the salesmen an hour and a half to count it all, which amounted to $8,000.  Jones then wrote a check for the other $8,000 so he could own the truck outright.

Although Jones does obviously have some of his money in a bank, he says that he does trust banks and that ““paper money will burn, but it is hard to damage coins. I bought four or five rolls of coins each month. I don’t know how long it took me to save this amount, probably all my life, spending some of it now in then.”

Jones needed a new truck after his 1981 Chevy Pickup’s emergency brake failed, causing him near fatal injuries as the truck rolled over him crushing his liver, kidneys, and a few ribs.  Although he spent many months in the hospital recovering, he still wants to fix up his old truck and keep it around for a few more years…a prime example of how much a man can love his truck.


F430 Powersliding through an Intersection

Racing should be saved for the track.  And screwing around in your car (i.e. donuts, powersliding, and stupid stunts) should also be saved for the track.  Despite these feelings, this video is still pretty cool.  Rumors on the net is that the guy in the F430 is a rally driver…wouldn’t surprise me given the level of skill it would take to pull this off.  Don’t try this at home…

BMW 335i Gets Foiled – AutoAnything

A German BMW owner over at got tired of how bland his black 335i was. Rather than taking it to an auto body shop for an expensive repaint, he decided to use a technique that the German military employs when camouflaging it’s heavy equipment: it’s called “foiling” and it involves carefully applying a 3M adhesive tape to the surface of the vehicle. The tape is thick enough to protect the paint from getting light knick’s and scratches, but it “is highly recommended that it be removed after 3-4 years”. Why? The post at doesn’t really say, but I’d venture to guess that the tape degrades after that and can be difficult to completely remove, OR it’ll bond to the surface and can then never be removed. Either way, the shiny tape dramatically changes the look of the vehicle and really opens up the doors to exterior customization! Check out the picks below during the foiling process!

Find even more wild pics of foiled cars at -> Gallery 1 – Normal Cars, Gallery 2 – Wild Paint Jobs, & Gallery 3 – Motorsports


Do you want to customize your ride, but don’t want to go to the trouble of foiling your whole car?  Consider looking at some car floor mats, an aftermarket backup camera system or even wood dash kits.

Spec-V delayed, Nissan GT-R “Evolution” to debut August 20th

For unknown reasons, Nissan has delayed the Japanese release of the Spev-V GT-R.  But to satisfy the appetites of power hungry gear heads, Nissan has decided to release the GT-R “Evolution”, which will feature several of the Nismo parts that were developed for the race-prepped version of the GT-R that ran in the Tokachi 24 Hour Endurance Race.  How much more the “Evolution” model will cost is still unknown, as are the upgraded parts that will be fitted to it.  More on info on this as it becomes available.

Source: LeBlogAuto

Replica Batmobile Tumbler in the Wild!

VWvortex has been drooling over a post made over at Two guys who professionally build replicas have taken on the task of building an exact replica of Batman’s newest whip. Other than the wheels, tires, and rear axle, everything has been hand built. The work is absolutely amazing! Check out all their work at their homepage,

Murciélago LP640 vs. GT-R – AutoAnything

A great video of the $318,000 Lambo supercar vs. the $70,000 underdog. Even though both cars are rolling at the start of this video, both cars have fantastic AWD systems, so this should give you a fair idea of how the two cars compare in terms of straight line speed. Here’s a quick breakdown of the stats.

Lamborghini LP640: 6.5 liter, Naturally Aspirated V-12 producing 633 bhp. Curb weight is 3,671 lbs.

Nissan GT-R: 3.8 liter twin-turbo V-6 producing 480 bhp. Curb weight is 3,814 lbs.

Doesn’t sound like a fair fight, does it?

Nismo to Release Nissan GT-R Tuning Packages on August 20th!

Nismo was hard at work prepping the GT-R for the Tokachi 24 hour endurance race on July 20th of last month. Now on August 20th, most of the parts used on the race prepped GT-R will be available for purchase to the public.  Performance parts will be available in kits or in individual pieces; parts ranging from exhausts, tuned ECU’s, wheels/tires, and light-weight carbon fiber aero bits.  Rumor’s on the net suggest most of the parts developed can be found on the upcoming GT-R Spec V…GT-R owners, pull out your pocket books as I’m sure these parts won’t be cheap!