Audi Claims V-10 Powered R8 Will Set the Record on the ‘Ring – AutoAnything

The R8 was a big surprise for the Auto industry. It’s fast, handles supremely well, and has great looks to boot. But with all the recent challenges on the Nurburgring, Audi decided that the R8 wasn’t fast enough. Auto reporters have spotted the V10 R8 on the ‘Ring, noting the subtle changes in the air intake design, front grill, and larger side scoops. Although no official details have been released about the engine, chassis, and suspension changes, rumors on the net point to Audi using the 5.2 liter V10 that they put in the Lamborghini Gallardo to give the R8 the extra boost it needs to compete on the ‘Ring. Additional chassis reinforcement and bigger brakes are also expected to be included on the V10 model to help handle the extra grunt.

Audi is boasting that the V10-powered R8 will beat out Chevy’s current record-holding production car run on the ‘Ring of 7:26.4. This is a bold claim on Audi’s part considering that the V8-powered R8 ran the ‘Ring in 8:04. Hopefully Audi can pull this off as it’ll put even more pressure on other auto manufacturers to develop faster cars with more advanced chassis’s and more highly tuned engines.  To help wet your appetite, here’s a short video of the R8 doing test laps round the ‘Ring.


One response to “Audi Claims V-10 Powered R8 Will Set the Record on the ‘Ring – AutoAnything

  1. Designed for speed, and looks absolutely wicked, I want one!!!

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