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Monsterous 625HP BMW M5 Tuned by ASR – Presented by AutoAnything

Here’s a YouTube video of an absolutely crazy 06′ M5.  I must tip my hat off to the guys over at ASR Engineering.  The video gets real good around the 1:30 mark…

WRC: Rally Finland Starts in 6 Days, 10 Hours… but who’s counting?

This has been an amazing year for the World Rally Championship. Mikko Hirvonen has the lead on Sebastien Loeb, but only by three points. These two have dominated the 2008 WRC, with 59 and 56 points respectively. Third place is currently held by Jari-Matti Latvala with only 34 points. Petter Solberg holds 6th place with 20 points, but he is the real wild card here. Over the last few years, he’s been riddled with car problems, time penalties, and general bad luck…. but his luck could change quickly with the arrival of his new car. The first time Solberg drove his new whip, he finished 2nd place at Rally Acropolis.

Rallying in the WRC since 1998, Petter has 13 wins under his belt and is the 2003 FIA WRC Drivers World Champion. He also came runner-up in ’04 and ’05, which should tell you that he truly is a world-class driver. You’ll be hard pressed to find rally on TV in the US, so check back next week for the results of Rally Finland.

Source: WRC.com

Getaway In Stockholm 8 Trailer – AutoAnything

It’s been a while since I’ve followed GiS, but I thought I’d check in to see if they were still making videos. Low and behold, Getaway in Stockholm 8 was out. Although I don’t really condone street racing, these videos were always shot at 4:00am in August to minimize the amount of people on the street, maximize the amount of daylight, and in hopes that the local cops were on a shift change. Well, it looks like their recipe has changed a little. Check out the trailer, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Porsche Buying Up More of VW – AutoAnything

Porsche has been picking up a lot of Volkswagen shares since 2005. As of April 2007, Porsche had more than a 30% stake in The Volkswagen Group. Although it tried to purchase a controlling stake in 2007, few were willing to sell their beloved shares for the price Porsche offered (read: low-ball offer). This year, however, Porsche made an offer that the VW exec’s couldn’t refuse. Although all the paperwork and legal drama has yet to unfold, it looks as though The VW Group will soon be under new ownership for a dazzling $15.73 billion dollars.

Source: Reuters