Nissan GT-R vs. Corvette ZR1: The Battle Continues

Chevy finally got around to putting their all-mighty ZR1 to the ultimate test: Germany’s own Nurburgring.  If you haven’t been following the dual, Nissan’s GT-R surprised everyone with a lap time of 7 minutes, 29.03 seconds… a VERY fast time.  Chevy said that their ZR1 would beat it, and the new $103K Corvette followed through with a blazing time of 7 minutes and 26.4 seconds.  Not bad, not bad at all Chevy!  They say there was also a strong headwind on the longest straight, which might have slowed it down a bit.

They only thing Chevy is sweating over now, other than the dismal car market, is Nissan’s GT-R V-Spec, the even more highly tuned and taught version of the already fast GT-R.  Unofficial times of the V-Spec put it somewhere near the 7:25 mark, and since the GT-R is already $30k less that the ZR1, Nissan has a lot of head room to play with to beat out the Vette.  Rest assured, when the official times are posted, you’ll find them here at the AutoAnything blog… this is one dog fight we’re not going to miss!

9 responses to “Nissan GT-R vs. Corvette ZR1: The Battle Continues

  1. Chevy did beat it, and you can tell the GTR is a ringer,

  2. You’d have to be stupid to think a stock GTR really made those times.

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  4. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting article

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  6. johnny thunder

    This GTR vs ZR1 argument is stupid, The cars are to incompatable to compare. The GTR is a beatifly excucuted car capable of running door-to-door with the ZR1 under all but the most extreme situations. The ZR1 only becomes faster than the GTR in the post 150 MPH realm and on dry pavement. Really how many are going to ever approach this speed in their cars? How is it realavent to those considering purchase of the GTR that a more expensive ZR1 is marginally faster ?

    The GTR seats 4 comfortably in a gorgous interior with trunk space for two sets of golf clubs and two mid-sized suitcases. It boosts an excellant audio system sporting 11 speakers, advanced navigation integrated with a cutting- edge multi-purpose display, in my opinion the best multi-function display and controls in exsistance.
    In comparison the ZR1 is a two-seater bare-bones car with no trunk, and fit and finish riveled by a $15k Kia

    The benifits of the GTR are basically everything and anything one could consider and compare between the two, with the exception of the high- speed performance. And this again is the most marginal of differance and one that will never be realized by 99% of drivers.

  7. Check zr1 vs gtr on you tube and find out how the corvette craps on the gtr on the skid pan,through the high speed slalom and under brakes.everyone thinks the gtr handles well but its so heavy you can see it struggle as it changes direction.Also the gtr is rumoured to have a very poor ride quality,the zr1 excellent ride quality.Although the zr1 is pricier than the gtr,its quite simply quicker all round.The v spec gtr just matches the corvette and is much pricier again.

  8. Sounds Nissan sucks at last, why releasing a Spec-V?! In a real race, nobody has time to wait for you if your previous car did not match its opponents. Porsche delivered the 911 GT2, Ferrari provided a 599 GTB to match GM’s corvette ZR1, none of those Europeans’ thought to re-build a new tweaked one after having been defeated by Chevy (see on youtube, MotorTrend test). A message full of reality decitated to Nissan:”Hey Nissan! Race is over. Gotta wait for the next products of all those car brands to start a new challenge!” ;)

  9. one thing about gtr is that it has tubro boost in which it is as fast as corvette when it on but when it which switch off corvette can beat it left right and center

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