Embrace the Parrot and go Hands Free – by AutoAnything

Today is July 1st and the new hands-free cell phone law is in full effect in California. Drivers are no longer legally allowed to drive with a handset being held to their ear. This law does allow for drivers to dial and text people, although some websites are reporting that legislation is under way to ban texting as well. The problems with outlawing texting, and not dialing while driving, are mind boggling… how can legislators reasonably expect law enforcement to determine whether someone was dialing or texting without unnecessary traffic stops and a huge invasion of privacy. Imagine an officer pulling you over and saying, “I’m going to have to inspect your cell phone to make sure you weren’t breaking the law.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that people should ever be texting while driving; I actually consider it far more dangerous than talking on a cell phone when behind the wheel since you have to take your eyes off the road, but getting people to stop texting while driving shouldn’t be enforced through legal channels, but instead through drivers education and parental guidance. Hopefully this anti-texting bill doesn’t get passed by the governator.

On the lighter side, Parrot Bluetooth has capitalized on the new hands-free law and started a petition to make the Parrot the official bird of California, removing the quail from its office. ParrotNotQuail.com mocks the quail, saying “77 years and no results…meet the Valley Quail”. Make sure to check out the hilarious letter to Arnold. At the time of writing this, the petition on the website states that over 500,000 signatures have been collected to remove the quail from office. I for one hope this petition is real. I think California would be a greater state if the Parrot were in charge of the Quail’s (near) former duties.

One response to “Embrace the Parrot and go Hands Free – by AutoAnything

  1. I think texting and dialing should both be outlawed-they both take your eyes off of the road and hands off of the wheel. Education’s great, but how many teens listen to their parents, and how many of us remember what we learned in driver’s ed a few years down the road?

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