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Discover Why Ladder Racks And Husky Liners Are The Bread And Butter Combo

I’ve been in the landscaping business for four years now and I wanted to let you guys in on two key products.

After graduating high school I realized that college wasn’t for me. I wasn’t interested in writing papers, attending lectures and burning the midnight oil at the library. For me, there was just one interest – running my own business. So that’s exactly what I did.

It all started with a truck. I bought a used red and white 1992 Ford F150 off some old man that lived down the street from me. He cut me a good deal because he wasn’t able to get in and out of it anymore. It wasn’t the best looking girl at the party – had dings all over it, some rust spots and a bent bumper – but it got the job done. What really sold me on it was the big bed. From lawnmowers to rakes, the back of this truck held pretty much everything I needed. That was until my business started to take off.

Word started getting around that I did a good job so my I started getting a lot more business. The problem now was that I needed to expand. That’s one thing my grandpa always told me. “You gotta keep growing. If you don’t, you’re dead in the water.” So I took pops advice and hired a partner. He didn’t have a truck but he was ready to work hard and owned lot of equipment. That huge f150 bed didn’t seem so big anymore. What was once an empty metal storage area suddenly seemed a lot smaller.

We knew we had to do something about our overflowing tools so we invested in a ladder rack, which worked out great. It could hold all of our ladders, long tree saws and any other oversized equipment we needed. We also invested in a nice set of Husky floor liners. After spending 4 hours outside cutting branches, trimming hedges, and edging lawns we’re covered in grass, leaves, dirt and sweat. Even though we expect our truck to get dirty, nothing’s worse then having to spend everyday driving around in your own filth. Our interior was disgusting; constantly get caked with mud and grass. With the new floor mats, we could just pull out the mess, hose them down and be good to go.

A few years have passed since those days of driving around in a beat up f150. We ended up buying two new trucks. We each have a 2007 F250 with trailers for our gear. We have also hired more workers to accommodate all the business we get. Our crew now consists of 10 workers and we have expanded our services to include snow plowing during the winter months.

But guess what? We still have our ladder racks on the back and sturdy floor mats in the cab. Even though we keep expanding, we will always use these “bread and butter” items. You’ll be surprised how helpful these items can be. Like this one time, Jerry sliced his hand wide open on one of the chain saws. Blood was pouring out of him like the Colorado River rapids. I quickly wrapped a towel around his hand, shoved him in the truck, and sped to the hospital. When we finally got there, the floor in front of him was covered in blood. Luckily, most of the liquid was contained in the floor liner. I was able to dump the blood out of my truck without staining the interior and you can barely see it now. These staples have saved our butts many times, just thought I’d let you guys know.

If any of you are considering getting into the landscaping business, seriously consider checking out ladder racks and Husky Liners. My pair has lasted the past 4 years! – Mike Rosania

The Fantastical Tale Of Arthur Fickelstein And The Missing Vent Visors

This is the tale of Arthur Fickelstein, a man whose dreams whose dreams come crashing down due to missing vent visors.

The year is 1994. It is Friday evening and the Fickelstein residence is alive with laughter. Everyone knows that Friday nights in the 90’s spells TGIF. Arthur Fickelstein, loving father and devoted husband, is performing his weekly family room comedy routine.

“What kind of animal wouldn’t you want to play cards with?”
A cheetah.

His kids, Timmy and Jimmy, erupt with laughter. Lisa, Arthur’s wife, is parked next to them on the couch, anxiously awaiting the latest episode of Full House to come on. This was a typical Friday night routine for the Fickelsteins. After a long week of work and school they would all relax, eat pizza, watch TGIF and smile until their cheeks hurt. Life was good – darn good, if ya ask me.

Arthur worked as an internet consultant, working to battle the Y2K dilemma. He enjoyed his job, but didn’t want to spend his whole life worrying about computer problems. Arthur’s mind was quick as a rat trap. He knew that his job wouldn’t last a day past January 1, 2000. So why sit around and wait for his career to end? Instead, Arthur started looking for new jobs; more permanent jobs where he wouldn’t have to worry so much. And after just a few days of looking, he found the perfect job – manager of an automotive company. “Hey, computers may come and go, but cars are here to stay,” he thought.

So Arthur brushed up on his automotive knowledge, sent in his resume and landed an interview that week – Friday. That morning he trimmed his nails, took a Q-tip to his ears, threw on his power tie and made his favorite breakfast. He was feeling good. He felt confident. He was going to get that job.

Arthur, being the smart fellow that he was, left his house an hour early for a drive that would only take twenty minutes. On his way he made a quick stop at one of those quick car washes; the ones where you don’t have to even get out of your car. Surely he couldn’t pull up to an interview at a car company in a dirty car. When Arthur’s 1992 Ford Taurus pulled out of that car wash that candy apple red paint was sparkling like a sparkler on the 4th of July.

Everything was going well until Arthur hit the highway. There must have been an accident because traffic was barely moving. “On no!” Arthur thought. “I need to make it there on time.” He was only going to the next exit, so he pulled into the narrow shoulder, one wheel on grass, one on pavement. Suddenly his right tire dipped into a pot hole, splashing his entire car in dark droopy, chunky mud. Arrrrghhhhhh!

The time was now 10:47. His interview was at 11. He definitely didn’t have time to go back to the car wash. He flipped on his wipers, pulled the washer fluid lever and started cleaning the windows. But Arthur forgot that his windows were open. When the fluid shot out, the wind blew a mixture of glass cleaner and mud all over Arthur. This was the last straw. His car was dirty, his suit was dirty, and worst of all, he was now late. You could imagine the look on the interviewer’s face when Arthur finally showed up.

Needless to say, Arthur did not get the job. That night when he got home there were no, no pizza, no Full House – just an empty shell of man. Oh yea, and it turns out everything was fine when the year 2000 hit. Oh well, I guess Arthur should have just kept his job.

What could he have done to avoid this? Well, if he had considered adding vent visors and bug shields to his car, he could have avoided that whole mess. Oh well, TGIF – Mike Rosania